MQTT 协议 3.1.0 和 3.1.1的区别

Differences between versions 3.1.0 and 3.1.1 of the MQTT specification:

3.1.0 specification:

3.1.1 specification:

No. Description Reference in 3.1.1 spec
1. Strings must all be verified to be valid UTF-8 1.5.3 UTF-8 encoded strings
2. Must disconnect if string contains NULL 1.5.3 UTF-8 encoded strings
3. Protocol name has changed to MQTT Protocol Name
4. Protocol level has changed to 0x04 Protocol Level
5. ClientIds MAY contain more than 23 encoded bytes Client Identifier
6. ClientId MAY be zero bytes long Client Identifier
7. ClientId MUST actually be UTF-8 Client Identifier
8. ClientId MAY be restricted to alphanumeric chars Client Identifier
9. CONNACK has new "session present" flag Session Present
10. Ensure that DUP isn't set for QoS 0 DUP
11. SUBACK can now indicate failure 3.9.3 Suback Payload
12. Clients are allowed to send further Control Packets immediately after sending a CONNECT Packet 3.1.4 Response

Other more general changes

  • Flags in the fixed header are now specific to the packet type.
  • Clarifications to storing/clearing 0 byte retained messages

Terminology changes

  • MQTT Broker is now MQTT Server
  • Message ID is now Packet ID
  • Message Type is now Packet Type
  • Subscribe and Unsubscribe take Topic Filters, rather than Topic names
MQTT 协议 3.1.0 和 3.1.1的区别